Decorated Strawberries for
a Romantic Valentine

Here I will walk you through some practical tips on how to decorate your strawberries to extraordinary for Valentine's Day. These berries are all over the internet and rightfully so- they are simply gorgeous and adorable (plus edible :) ! It's all about getting the technique right and then you can have fun with different combinations! 

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Valentine's Rectangular White Porcelain Salad Plate-Set Of 4

Modern shapes, sleek curves, gently sweeping edges, evoke the sentiments of a first class restaurant. These streetsmart plates are urbane yet down to earth. Present your food exquisitely, with these polished looking dishes. These dishes are not only unique in design, but they are versatile and elegant at the same time. They are made of fine bone china and are lightweight, durable, and chip resistant. They are restaurant grade and can withstand heavy use. Your food will look so gourmet, presented in these unique and elegant dishes.
  • fine bone china
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • lightweight
  • durable
  • chip resistant
  • white
  • dimensions 8" x 12.5"
Weight (lbs) 1.75 Length (in) 12.5 Width (in) 8 Height (in) 1
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You Will Need:

mid size skewers (preferably decorated ones like this pearl handle)
fresh strawberries
good quality pink, red, and white baking chocolate (it's important not to skimp on money here and get the best quality brand- otherwise the chocolate will clump)
tiny edible pearls
pink, white and red edible glitter spray
pink, white and red edible tiny sugar crystals


In 3 separate microwave-safe bowls, add the 3 colors respectively in broken chunks. Microwave on high for short intervals, about 30 seconds, and stir well. After about a minute or two, depending on the chocolate, the consistency will be right. DO NOT OVERHEAT AS THIS WILL CAUSE CLUMPING. I had some difficulty with my white chocolate as it was too runny, but the hot pink was too thick. So, I ended up mixing the 2 shades to get the perfect texture. Meanwhile, wash the strawberries and pat dry with a paper towel. Add the skewers to each top. Test one strawberry in your chocolate mixture to see if the consistency is right. If not, adjust accordingly. Using your skewer, slowly and lightly swirl the strawberry over the top of the chocolate bowl. Allow the excess to drip back, and then quickly place on a prepared baking sheet. Before it hardens, add your choice of decorations. Repeat with the rest and have fun creating different designs! 

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