Sweet Valentine Tags
For Your Tea Sets

Add a personal touch to your tea on Valentine's Day, or any other day you want to make someone feel special. I love the way this looks with white dinnerware teacups, and it is so easy to do. Add a simple, cost-free embellishment to your Valentine mugs with a small thoughtful touch. 

Modern Teacup And Saucer-Set of 4

These iconic dinner setting pieces are designed for the elite. Its creamy white fine bone china, with its unique sculptural shapes, and geometric modern lines, will fit right in with your contemporary decor. Each of these cups is understated elegant, and worthy of a good cup of coffee or tea.
  • Fine bone china
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • capacity 6  0z.
  • set of 4
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You Will Need:

heart printables (download 1 available here) (download 2 available here)
card stock
printer with colored ink


I have designed a printable for you, so all you have to do is print it out. Cut out the hearts, and don't worry about doing a perfect job because it really is not so noticeable. Put your teabag into an empty mug that you are planning to serve the tea in and check the string. (White teacups are probably your best option, since the tags will be very striking against the solid background. ) You do not want it hanging down too low, otherwise the tag will be visible and not hanging nicely. Cut the string at the length you want the tag to hang. You can attach the tag with tape on the back of the heart, or you can glue two hearts together back-to-back with the string sandwiched in between. Enjoy serving and sipping tea with your special someone!

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