Thoughtful Decorating Ideas to Blow Away Your Loved One on Valentine's


We all want to make our loved ones feel special, especially on Valentine’s Day. Here are some easy ideas that don’t require a lot of work at all. Turn every course into a work of art and heart with these simple and thoughtful ideas. They are so easy that you can even do them with your kids!

All you need is one heart shaped cookie cutter, and some basic food items from around the house. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity going. I plated all these courses on our gorgeous white dinnerware to make them stand out and look appetizing. If you use a unique shaped plate, you get more bang for your buck automatically. 


In This Article:

  • Sweet Yogurt Breakfast
  • Romantic Pancake Breakfast
  • Heartfelt Soup and Sandwich
  • Flirty Dessert

1. Here I created a healthy and satisfying breakfast to serve your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day:


You Will Need:

Yogurt of choice
Fresh berries- such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries
Frozen red fruit- such as strawberries or raspberries


I filled the bowl with Greek yogurt. I sliced some fresh strawberries and added some blueberries. In advance, I filled silicone heart molds with a mixture of blended frozen strawberries and strawberry yogurt and froze them. I popped them out and put them in right before serving. They add a nice personal touch and express your love in a creative way. Who can refuse such a healthy, delicious, and pretty breakfast?

2. Here is another breakfast variation. Pancakes are an all-time favorite and can be made more interesting and exciting to suit the mood of the day:


You Will Need:

Heart cookie cutter
Strawberry sauce, pancake syrup, jam etc.

For Decorating: 
Confectionary sugar
Whipped Cream
Fresh berries


Start with some pancakes, (you can even use store bought) and using a cookie cutter cut out some hearts from the centers. You can use both the heart shapes you cut out, and the pancake with the missing heart. Fill in the empty opening with strawberry sauce, some pancake syrup, or jam. Sprinkle with confectionary sugar and decorate with berries and whipped cream. And of course, serve it on your prettiest plate.

3. Here is a fun idea for your soup or salad course:


You Will Need:

Breads of choice
Heart cookie cutter
Olive oil
Green herbs or spices such as basil, oregano, or parsley
Cheese (optional)
Soup or salad for serving


For the soup course, you will need a soup of your choice and mini sandwiches, or croutons. I used white bread and whole wheat bread to get a two-toned effect. Start by cutting out heart shapes with your heart cookie cutter, from a slice of bread of your choice. You can just drizzle them with olive oil and herbs and toast them in the oven for a few minutes to get delicious and lovely croutons to munch on with your soup. Or you can create mini sandwiches by layering the heart shaped bread with spreads such as cheese and toasting them in the oven until the cheese is melted. Serve with soup or salad for a tasty Valentine’s Day meal. Sprinkle with some green herbs such as basil and oregano for that finishing touch.

4. Here I created a fun and flirty dessert. 


You Will Need:

Sliced fruit of your choice
Heart molds
Heart cookie cutter
Strawberry sorbet or ice cream
Frozen strawberries and sugar or ready-made strawberry sauce
Ice cream for serving


I shaped sliced fruit with a cookie cutter. I used silicone heart shaped molds and filled them with either softened sorbet or strawberry ice cream. I froze them again and popped them out of their molds right before serving. Blend some frozen strawberries with sugar, to make a strawberry sauce that you can drizzle over desserts or smear on the plate, for a colorful touch. Layer your heart shaped sorbets, fruits and strawberry sauce on a pretty plate. Put some ice cream in a small bowl, or martini glass next to it, for a yummy and fun dessert.

Soup and Sandwich Plate-Set of 4

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