Romantic Valentine Gifts
For Your Sweetheart

Add a personal touch to your gift on Valentine's Day, or any other day you want to make someone feel special. I love the way this looks, and it is so easy to do. Add a simple, cost-free embellishment to your Valentine tray with a small thoughtful touch. 

Giving a classy and meaningful gift is easy with our beautiful slate trays, with mini cups and spoons. But why not make your gift extraordinary, and present it with some heart and love? With a few special touches and some love, you can transform this beautiful tray to a personalized love affair. 

Slate Round Serving Set

Earthy Slate with handcrafted silver, unite with fine bone china into these debonair masterpieces. Enhance your table for added flair, or group them together for a dazzling buffet of hors d’oeuvres. This Round slate handcrafted tray with pewter carved handles, holds six little spoons, perfect for individual servings of dips or crudites.
  • natural slate tray
  • fine bone china spoons
  • 11" diameter
Weight (lbs) 5 Length (in) 10 Width (in) 10 Height (in) 3
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You Will Need:

slate tray
white and pink chalk
pink candy- chocolate wrapped in red and pink foil, such as Hershey's kisses, or M&M's.
(Here I chose foil wrapped heart shaped chocolates, M&M’s that are stamped “BE MINE”, and Hershey kisses, in valentine colors.)


The slate tray is ideal for scribbling your personal messages. Just grab a piece of chalk and doodle away your personal and sweet messages. Then fill the cups or spoons with your favorite candy, preferably sorted according to color for a prettier look. Have fun filling them with an assortment of eye-catching candy. You can then wrap up your upgraded gift with clear plastic gift wrap to add that professional finishing touch and present it to your special someone on Valentine's Day for a highly personalized gift. Congratulations! You just took a simple gift and made it extraordinary with some heart and thoughtful planning.

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