Floating Hearts to Spice Up
Your Valentine Drinks

Add a personal touch to your bubbly drinks on Valentine's Day, or any other day you want to make someone feel special. I love the way this looks, and it is so easy to do. Add a simple, cost-free embellishments to personalize your Valentine toast with a small thoughtful touch. 

Valentine's Gold Rim Blush Glass-Set of 4


These Glasses are an elegant and classic must have for any dinner table. They will instantly elevate the everyday dinner table by providing you with a beautiful handcrafted glass goblet finished off with a gold rim. If you want a more edgy look, we offer you a black smoked option or an enchanting blush tinged glass.

-Set of 4 Blush Tinged Glasses
-Rimmed with Gold

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You Will Need:

heart molds
small red candy or fruit ( i used pomegranates)
glass of wine or sparkling water


Fill your molds with water and drop pomegranates into it. Freeze your ice cubes until ready to drink. Then simply pop the cubes into your drink right before serving. (They melt very quickly, so do this immediately before serving) Enjoy your loved one's delight!

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