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Sectional Salad Plate -Set of 4

Sectional Salad Plate -Set of 4

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Make your food look amazing like a first class restaurant. These elegant  plates, are so pretty and useful. Present your food exquisitely, with these polished looking dishes.

This sectional salad plate, with a square indentation, offers a awesome presentation for so many different foods. Be creative and you decide what you want to put inside. Place a salad in one side and your gourmet breads on the other.

It can also be used to serve appetizers or desserts. You can put some rice and a saucy appetizer on one side, and a small cracker or bruschetta on the flat part. 

For dessert, some sorbet or ice cream in the deeper part, and some cake or chocolate on the flat area.

It is also great for serving burger and fries, use the separate compartment for the fries.

This sectional plate is so versatile. These dishes are not only unique in design, but they are versatile and elegant at the same time. They are made of fine bone china, and are lightweight, durable, and chip resistant. They are restaurant grade and can withstand heavy use.  They also stack really well so storage will not be an issue.

Your food will look so gourmet, presented in this unique sectional appetizer plate.

  • fine bone china
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • lightweight
  • durable
  • chip resistant
  • white
  • dishwasher safe
  • dimensions 12" x 6"

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