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New Sapphire Blue Jewel Salad Plate- Set of 4

New Sapphire Blue Jewel Salad Plate- Set of 4

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This collection is all about class and elegance. The custom designed gold patterned dinner plate pairs perfectly with either of the colored salad plates of our jewel collection. Each salad plate has a thick solid jewel toned border edged with gold and an emblem in the center that coordinates with the dinner plate's unique pattern. Mix a few colors and use at one event for variety, or choose the one color you love. Either way, you can always add more colors to your collection, as these plate mix and match so well. Replace your old traditional dinnerware with this rich, elegant, and chic collection. Your guest will see the difference.

This plate is a newer version of our similar Sapphire Jewel Plate. The navy color is darker, and the colored section is wider. 

-Set of 4 Salad Plates
-Wide Sapphire  blue Colored Border with Matching Emblem
-8" blue Salad Plates
-Real 14k Gold Imported from Germany

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