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Little White Dish

Classic Soup Plate-Set of 4

Classic Soup Plate-Set of 4

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We've designed the Le Sofra Collection with each individual customer in mind, so that it includes the possibility of personalized options. Build your dream collection by pairing your desired dinner plate with a variety of versatile soup bowls that work well with any of the pieces of our Le Sofra Collection. Choose the one that suits you best!

This soup bowl is shaped in the classic plate version. But it is definitely modern looking with its clean gold lines. We kept the design clean-looking, only adding in a touch of gold so that this plate is worthy to set with for special occasions. The plate is crafted of Fine Bone China, and the gold used is 14k imported from Germany.

This soup plate is the final touch of your dream Le Sofra Collection. Whichever designs you have chosen, this plate is bound to bring the look together by adding that finishing touch.

-Set of 4 Soup Plates with Two Gold Lines
-Real 14k Gold Imported from Germany
-Fine Bone China

Weight (lbs) 4 Length (in) 10 Width (in) 10 Height (in) 4

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