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This statement making dish is the perfect piece to build your Dream Collection. Here's why:

1. Beautiful & Unique

This dish is sure to impress with its unique shape and design. This will be the conversation piece at any meal that you will use it for. It has a real "Wow Factor". Your family and friends will be blown away when you place this dish in front of them.

2. Versatile & Useful

This dish can be used in so many ways the possibilities are virtually endless. Use it to serve a variety of foods...appetizers, salads, desserts, mains and sides...! The wide rim can be used for decorations such as oils, herbs or even crostinis.

3. Casual or Elegant

This dish can be dressed up or down, as your mood strikes. It will fit right in with a fancy dinner, or any brunch or lunch. Use it to dress up a casual party outdoors, to make it look more upscale. This dish will fit right in to every setting.

4. Quality & practicality

The finish on this dish  is so nice and smooth, and is made of high quality porcelain which is lightweight and chip resistant. It stacks easily to save space, and is microwave and dishwasher safe. 

5. Timeless Design

This dish is timeless and will never go out of style. It is white and will blend in with any of your other pieces. It is a classic and will dress up your table for years to come.

"These plates are simply gorgeous! If you have a plate fetish this is the perfect item if you love to serve good food and have a smashing presentation at the same time."

R. Weaver

We Make it Simple 

Serving your food in new and exciting ways can be challenging. That's why we designed this dish to make it simple and easy for you to make your food stand out.
     This dish is more about the delectable design than the actual food inside! It takes very little to make this course stand out from the rest. You can implement a variety of colors and textures, creating a feast for the senses...which will keep your diners entertained and stimulated. 
These are true statement pieces.

Build your Dream Collection

Every dish that we sell is created to be part of your carefully curated collection.
They all work together so that you can use your creativity and flair to make it uniquely your own

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I hosted my friends for a barbeque, and these plates were the winner of the evening. No more plastic plates for me. Real plates are so much better for the environment, and so much more classy. They were so perfect. I even used them to serve salad, and some mini skewers that I prepared. It looked so good.

Shana G.

1. The center bowl allows you to display most any kind of food item, and the wide rim around it allows for food decoration.

2. The unique design never fails to impress! The design will do the talking for you at your next dinner party.

3. Anyone can use this plate, as it will automatically transform the food placed inside of it to the next level.

4. This plate will allow you to recreate a restaurant ambiance in your own home!


Little White Tip: A little bit goes a long way on these plates. Finer foods and sauces will highlight the elegance of the plate, so keep the food and bulkiness to a minimum. A good example as pictured above is a small salad compliemted by olive oil and herbs dribbled around it. 

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"Sooo pretty!!!!! I wanted that restaurant look from home, and i was not disappointed! I even took inspiration from the photo pictured and tried to recreate the look ;) My friends were going nuts for these! I highly recommend them to you as well!"


"As a chef, I love these plates! So beautiful."

Chef Ahmed

"Ooh la la...... simply divine! Love these plates to bits!! I can't say enough how much i'm enjoying these dishes! I've used them for soups and appetizers, and sometimes even dessert. The best part is that the plates an attraction for themselves so that no one really cares how great the food tastes ;) ;)"


"Beautiful and unique dish! It seemed like an interesting piece worth spending on."

Garry H.

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