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Gallinella Fettucinne recipe

Gallinella with Pasta and Tomato Sauce

By Rachel Kay

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On our recent trip to the Amalfi coast ( Read more) , this was one of the recipes we cooked with our Italian chef.

On Day two, on our visit to Praiano, the sun finally rose in all it’s glory. The water sparkled blue and we eagerly looked forward to our day. We started the day, by eating a hearty breakfast on our patio, overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean.

We then set out to meet our chef in the little grocery store, and the local fish store. It seems that the weather finally allowed for the fishermen to return with some catch, and the bins in the fish store, had various types in the few bins lining the store. The names were so foreign to us, since the fish we were accustomed to seeing in our local fish store in New York, were different, or were called by different names. We asked the chef to suggest some varieties, and he suggested Orata, and Gallinella. They were both rather small fish, not the big tuna, salmon, or sea bass, we are used to seeing.

We bought them home to our villa whole, and put them into the refrigerator, until the evening when he promised he would come over and prepare the dishes.

This dish he prepared with the Gallinella . It was similar to the pasta and tomato sauce of the night before, with the addition of the fish flakes. It turned out to be a very hearty and light meal. I will definitely try it at home.


1 small whole fish, or one fish fillet, like flounder, sole, snapper…

1 container sweet Cherry tomatoes (preferably on the vine)

Olive oil

2 cloves of Garlic whole

½ cup chopped Fresh Parsley



Fettuccine pasta

Slice the cherry tomatoes in half. Add some olive oil to the bottom of your pan and heat. Add the sliced cherry tomatoes, and garlic cloves. Wait until it starts sizzling, then lower the flame, and cover. Keep checking and stirring every few minutes. Add water if necessary.cook 5-10 minutes, and add the whole cleaned fish, or the fillet, add the chopped parsley, and salt and pepper to taste, and some water if there is no liquid in the pan. Cook another 10 minutes until the fish is somewhat flaky. If the fish is whole, now is the time to remove the skin and bones, and then flake with a fork.

Cook the pasta in salt water, to your preferred amount of doneness. Drain and add the tomato sauce with the fish to the pot. Heat through and  Serve with some sprinkled chopped parsley on top.

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