Valentine's Day Table Setting

Setting a romantic Valentine's Day Table to enjoy with the one you love, shouldn't be a lot of work. Using a few well chosen colors and accessories, you can set the mood, for a perfect dinner, that will stay in their memory for a long time. You can cook your own specialties, or even order takeout. The key is creating that romantic atmosphere with your table setting.

Here we created that romantic atmosphere with red candles, placed in our pretty candle holders, Buy Now that glow in the soft candlelight. Red feathers and red rose petals scattered about the centerpiece, extends the romance across the table, connecting both settings and unifying the look.

The gorgeous bowl, swirled with red and black, the colors of Valentine, is perfect for holding some floating candles, which you can never have too many.

These heart shaped plates are perfect for Valentine's Day. They are versatile too, so that you can use them all year round, since they are classic white.

To bring in the romantic red color, we used our red croc placemats. Classy and bold, it sets the theme for the look. These plates, with subtle heart shape, express your love in a classy way. The beautiful white color, stands out against the red placemats, for perfect contrast.

To add a nice touch, add a handwritten card on your special someones place setting. Dip some beautiful red strawberries, halfway in some melted chocolate, and put some out for romantic appeal.

Add some coordinating accessories to give your table some exciting details. Set out some colorful strawberries in this pretty heart shaped bowl.

Set out these red glasses, to further incorporate this romantic color, into your scheme. Set out several sizes and styles to add more depth and interest to your Valentines Day table setting.

Buy some pretty foil wrapped heart shaped chocolates and throw them around between the petals, or on a plate. Cut out any food item, like pancakes, toasts, cookies, with a heart shaped cookie cutter, and you will have a look that will really impress your sweetheart.